19 avril 2013

those who live back soldiers

Another version

Embodiment of deathwing's resistance to Leo

In ancient times, there are five guardian dragons in the world: the bronze dragon king of the < time > notts daum, red dragon of tie shi > < life tower, alex green dragon "awakened one > iser, blue dragon king > < magic if Marilyn, < the guardian > surrey, the resistance of dragon. Guardian dragons from creating the Titan to get the power of the world, and has faithfully defend the world.

(varian and jaina come out)

Varian, turned back, and jose Latin. Let the sadness by his father.

Method (SaLu king walked to the front of the baby's body)



SaLu falk: orcs

(picked up the body before go back pass by varian, facing the varian)

SaLu falk: I will never forget the kindness. I thank you for your noble.

Varian: me, and I was not in anger. But those who live back soldiers told me what had happened. Your son fought with honor. He died in a heroic way, also they ought to be buried in the form of heroes.

(varian salute)


(jaina cry)

Varian, jaina... Why are you crying?

Jaina: nothing your majesty... Just... I'm proud of my king.

Jose Latin: what is that? ...... There! In the distance!

Jose Latin: soldiers, collection, seems to be the next blog to a new round of attack!

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