26 avril 2013

restore health and mana

Celine, fire heart will also use of "drain life" and should break as soon as possible.Hazel van: engineers, the use of engineering items, all skills are all AOE, attack multiple players in your squad.

- high explosive sheep: when the explosion deals fire damage to all around wow gold  player.

- the goblin dragon gun: the hazel van in front of the conical area deals fire damage, all of the player for about 10 seconds.

- the magic iron bomb: flame AOE damage, and held for 3 seconds.

- rocket launcher: physical AOE damage and stun for 3 seconds.


Hazel van small - sandwich: restore health and mana.

Kill the boss, you can guard, passing through the middle from the last two group into the "big scholars haven".

Note: more like the battle in the arena instead of copy, don't   wow po expect to hold any a small blame or BOSS, this is very impossible (hatred turn super fast, but also not sarcasm). You can do is to control the small blame, as much as possible and then quickly dry BOSS of MP, don't expect the BOSS blue empty before killing a retinue, the basic is impossible.



In addition, if you don't have a clean room and outside room, so please pay attention to first kill warlock, otherwise will be destroyed by the fear harm, Sartre hunters can be banished.

Kyle sass sun-seekers

Losing the kyle, fled back to the silvermoon city, he isCard with "trust" (Khadgar) - dwarvish middle finger, medivh call card plus trust "young".

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