28 avril 2013

a round of 620 points earnings



A: we hope that the tanks prop professional flag some role, rather than forcing them to carry flagWas lazy don't want to write a pet project, but touch of [will] this skill is really let me fondle admiringly, still trying to how to use the imba programme over two legs.

At the same time, [heart can siphon] is a great skill, a round of 620 points earnings, will the son of the baby still has development potential. ErTongZhou activity time: April 29 - May 6



In the first week of may, we will have the famous festival in the world of warcraft - ErTongZhou, this is a common holiday the horde and alliance, its purpose is to make heroes on both sides of some compensation to the victims of war -- those orphans.



From April 29th to May 6th, in that time, the union of stormwind and tribal auge rema, shattrath and dalaran will have special access for players with NPC task, players can choose to participate in these activities to obtain a non-combat pet reward and achievement awards.

Non-combat pets access

ErTongZhou during the alliance and horde adventurers can choose to realize the dream of the orphans - led them browse through historical sites in the world of azeroth and outland and famous mountains and great rivers of northrend.

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