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28 avril 2013

a round of 620 points earnings



A: we hope that the tanks prop professional flag some role, rather than forcing them to carry flagWas lazy don't want to write a pet project, but touch of [will] this skill is really let me fondle admiringly, still trying to how to use the imba programme over two legs.

At the same time, [heart can siphon] is a great skill, a round of 620 points earnings, will the son of the baby still has development potential. ErTongZhou activity time: April 29 - May 6



In the first week of may, we will have the famous festival in the world of warcraft - ErTongZhou, this is a common holiday the horde and alliance, its purpose is to make heroes on both sides of some compensation to the victims of war -- those orphans.



From April 29th to May 6th, in that time, the union of stormwind and tribal auge rema, shattrath and dalaran will have special access for players with NPC task, players can choose to participate in these activities to obtain a non-combat pet reward and achievement awards.

Non-combat pets access

ErTongZhou during the alliance and horde adventurers can choose to realize the dream of the orphans - led them browse through historical sites in the world of azeroth and outland and famous mountains and great rivers of northrend.

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26 avril 2013

restore health and mana

Celine, fire heart will also use of "drain life" and should break as soon as possible.Hazel van: engineers, the use of engineering items, all skills are all AOE, attack multiple players in your squad.

- high explosive sheep: when the explosion deals fire damage to all around wow gold  player.

- the goblin dragon gun: the hazel van in front of the conical area deals fire damage, all of the player for about 10 seconds.

- the magic iron bomb: flame AOE damage, and held for 3 seconds.

- rocket launcher: physical AOE damage and stun for 3 seconds.


Hazel van small - sandwich: restore health and mana.

Kill the boss, you can guard, passing through the middle from the last two group into the "big scholars haven".

Note: more like the battle in the arena instead of copy, don't   wow po expect to hold any a small blame or BOSS, this is very impossible (hatred turn super fast, but also not sarcasm). You can do is to control the small blame, as much as possible and then quickly dry BOSS of MP, don't expect the BOSS blue empty before killing a retinue, the basic is impossible.



In addition, if you don't have a clean room and outside room, so please pay attention to first kill warlock, otherwise will be destroyed by the fear harm, Sartre hunters can be banished.

Kyle sass sun-seekers

Losing the kyle, fled back to the silvermoon city, he isCard with "trust" (Khadgar) - dwarvish middle finger, medivh call card plus trust "young".

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24 avril 2013

with skills of touching will get an absorption

Fighting to avoid late hulk injury, easy injury cases was a roll is easy to collapse directly

How to brush? Crowd concentration I lost outside halo! In fact the BOSS wow gold     also do not have what know-how, brush is fierce, hide a good trap, roll

Ten people 2 t3 treatment 5 DPS, have 2 treatment, temporarily haven'tAnd common difference, and each tread is 100% maximum damage, site was surrounded by crystal, with skills of touching will get an absorption shield, similar in discipline M soul to protect shell, the transformation of treatment for you all to absorb shield, up to 75% Max HP

This is one more lunch of BOSS, slightly difficult to 1

Holy discipline talent can be, I use the sacred, because... To absorb shield I   wow po really don't want to use in discipline, talent, and finally a layer of a certain point halo! Halo!!!!

Before first open the GRID Settings, halo, add harmful: crystallization carapace: critical value! (note don't less the exclamation mark), brush protective shell in this icon can don't brush, you said you don't have the GRID is swollen yao, I also don't know is swollen yao do

How much a battle you can brush depends entirely on how much your blue, don't hesitate, spirit mixture spiritual food to eat up the heart will open

Opening of shenhuo type crystal get shield, then start without brain brush.. .. Brush... Then trample, broken shield, meal filled with blood, and take the shield, brush...

After each tread must carry full health and shields the rock fall, or low HP a shield... And then can only low HP walking a tightrope, because of his treatment is a shield to all

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22 avril 2013

most has the enthusiasm

World of warcraft player is one of the world's most has the enthusiasm of the players, which, of course, also including many low-key and lighter excellent female players. This time, we want to belong to "tribes" and "the union" girls can show your elegant demeanour, camp for you! To this end, we will launch in the near future "flower selection camp"wow gold  , please pay close attention to.

To battle! Horde vs. alliance field test



"The horde vs. alliance", who is stronger? The two face to face and fight most directly!!! "Battlefield horde vs. alliance tournament" will give you this opportunity! First of all, the teams must stand out in their fight in this server, represent the server field team participating teams in the field or tribe. Then, you and your teammate will face challenges from other server team, if you can hold out until the last in the knockout phase, your team will be in this camp glory, with blood, courage, lighter, and persistence, and the other camp's battle on behalf of the team on top! This will be a world of warcraft in the history of the clothes and the most tragic epic showdown! Come along! Activities on the project site to camp on


In order to allow players to more understanding and   wow po better involved in the horde vs. alliance "events, we have made a project site" horde vs. alliance "activities. Directly on the website you can understand the horde and alliance at present their respective number of recruits, two team a copy of the customs clearance rate, random battleground match and lightning unlock progress. Efforts to fight, you are the one for the horde vs. alliance "of the competition, make contributions to their camp!

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19 avril 2013

those who live back soldiers

Another version

Embodiment of deathwing's resistance to Leo

In ancient times, there are five guardian dragons in the world: the bronze dragon king of the < time > notts daum, red dragon of tie shi > < life tower, alex green dragon "awakened one > iser, blue dragon king > < magic if Marilyn, < the guardian > surrey, the resistance of dragon. Guardian dragons from creating the Titan to get the power of the world, and has faithfully defend the world.

(varian and jaina come out)

Varian, turned back, and jose Latin. Let the sadness by his father.

Method (SaLu king walked to the front of the baby's body)



SaLu falk: orcs

(picked up the body before go back pass by varian, facing the varian)

SaLu falk: I will never forget the kindness. I thank you for your noble.

Varian: me, and I was not in anger. But those who live back soldiers told me what had happened. Your son fought with honor. He died in a heroic way, also they ought to be buried in the form of heroes.

(varian salute)


(jaina cry)

Varian, jaina... Why are you crying?

Jaina: nothing your majesty... Just... I'm proud of my king.

Jose Latin: what is that? ...... There! In the distance!

Jose Latin: soldiers, collection, seems to be the next blog to a new round of attack!

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17 avril 2013

a paradise of the undead

Edit this period of waiting for the physical version of lordaeron logo on them


Lordaeron continent located in the northern khaz modan, not confined towow gold     any continent. At the time of the orc invasion of azeroth, lordaeron has been in exile as azeroth refugees and coalition forces rally point. In the second invasion of the burning legion war, the lich king's army of undead destroyed the continent, lordaeron but when prince arthas returned to northrend, here is dark ranger hill was led undead forces "forgotten" as his own, became a paradise of the undead.



Lordaeron is located in the northeast of azeroth. Here was once a kingdom of lordaeron proud of their homes, after the third war and the events of the frozen throne here became sad death.

Before destroyed by natural disasters, the capital of the kingdom  wow po of lordaeron is one of the largest human cities on the mainland. When arthas retrieved from northrend Frostmourne [Frostmourne], king terenas, welcome him back. But arthas brutally murdered his own father, usurped the throne. He, in turn, the city to the undead scourge, it is to have weakened Allies.


Destroyed the capital with the ruins of dalaran, silently telling the legion and scourge of tyranny.

Edit this Duan Luodan Aaron geographic < The Undercity Undercity >

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20 octobre 2011

de mmoga dépenser un peu plus

The Bottom Line: Malgré la commodité et l'appel de mmoga dépenser un peu plus d'argent à travers un site web sécurisé pour l'achat de World of Warcraft Gold et économiser des heures de travail acharné, je vous recommandons fortement d'orienter clairement de cette méthode d'obtention d'or et de jouer le jeu il était destiné à être joué. Cela peut ne pas être la réponse que beaucoup d'entre vous espériez et personnellement, il n'est pas question pour moi si vous achetez wow gold ou non. (Son continent et laisse le visage, le monde n'a pas le temps de passer des heures chaque jour à jouer à WoW) Toutefois, vous ne voulez pas d'obtenir votre compte banni et les déchets de l'argent et du temps que vous avez déjà mis dans le jeu donc je vous suggère de se s?r plut?t que désolé de cette situation et ne pas acheter wow gold.

  Votre cadeau d'affaires des entreprises devraient avoir ?WOW? écrit sur elle. Votre cadeau d'affaires devrait se démarquer, il devrait être mémorable et surtout, elle devrait tourner quelques têtes. Il devrait étonner les recipient.Let les choses en face, ce panier cadeau traditionnel ne fonctionne tout simplement pas le couper plus. N'est pas non plus que la bouteille poussiéreuse de vin ou d'employés de cette société paperweight.Your lourds ternes, les patrons et clients méritent plus de vous. Ils ont besoin d'un cadeau d'affaires qui dépasse le ?bailler normal? ou ?c'est gentil!"

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01 juin 2011

continue to brush him on a number wow

Later he told me a few days before his number stolen, and money in the trumpet, the other money on the number of his friend me. I agreed. Ten minutes later, he said something not on his friend, said charge card web has not, so I wow gold sent him another card first, when he went with the charge and said he and other money together next to me! I say wait and see his friends. 2 points 30 minutes faster, he said, the number of his friends did not point, and said three cards he would, and have sufficient points to help his friend, or his friend did not point.

 I have 2:40 to go to class, I rush to give him a card, when I asked him to U of money to me. I left the bar to go to school! ? 5 pm after school, I saw on the numbers, that bastard has only sent a 1G to me! Mad at me, I will immediately do the macro brush him! Brush it off the assembly line to the 7:00 class to go!

 28, noon recess, and I continue to brush him on a number, just brush a few people that the Society M me, said yesterday there were soldiers they would have been deceived him, and said that "left-middle of the night to steal," said Yesterday he number stolen. But that does not believe that people are hacking, and said they had to kick Association, he said that "steal the left-middle of the night,"

I also agree with the card, and let me add    wow gold kaufen a name "table seeking the "dwarf hunter, because people know that the Master's account and password! After a "table seeking the" M me, so I went to the iron bridge, and he still has that "left-middle of the night to steal," about pay back the money, and I saw that the Master who can sell the equipment, what are the day moxibustion not the (seemingly true stolen)! The hunter is the T6.5 equipment! It has been shielding my Master, I can not speak to him! Only and that "list requirements of the" talk.

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20 avril 2011

wow de tenir la colonne couru

DK + Autres gagner 70% -90% NSP, plus l'Allemagne mal prêtre ou petits, jouer beaucoup mieux quand le parent, et il est maintenant encore chevaliers très forte, les prêtres, et l'Allemagne n'ont pas de cerveau et de réduire son wow gold  recommandé qu'il veut ... ... DZ + MS 50 victoires % -70%, le voleur, l'élevage, le sommet a été la rage pour un temps, pas jouer avec l'équitation matures en noir et blanc, et le voleur est une ancienne combinaison de l'élevage n'a pas rien à voir avec elle. L'élevage, tels que le voleur ne veut pas gagner si difficile à imaginer, mais c'est seulement en noir et blanc, l'élevage, de retenue et un voleur tout simplement absurde,

pour faire face à ce besoin pour le calcul précis des prêtres d'autres craignent CD, prêts à se disperser un à la peur ou DK compétences DK pour commencer son propre bloc, interrompit le prêtre gauche de pompage bleu, chevalier de tenir la colonne couru, la clé est d'éviter le temps il était à craindre les deux, habituellement une ou deux fois par la crainte double peuvent être perdues. Un autre pasteur ne doit pas laisser le côté pression, ou la Blue Knights sera bientôt chose faite, l'utilisation DK absolument nécessaire et raisonnable des compétences,

vous obtenez encore moins. Noir   wow po et blanc, l'élevage, l'équitation contre le voleur habituellement chevalier voleur, prêtre, ou la peur de la fumée de sortie DK bleu auxiliaire, sortie auxiliaire de la deuxième vague est de tuer le chevalier, le pompage est une envie de jouer bleu-consommation; le premier n'est pas un problème si l'opération, qualification de l'équipement, alors l'autre est très difficile de gagner, plus peur de l'écouter en bleu, ou par pompage,

 Les articles:

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22 mars 2010

for blood was wow gold

While we're searching for the device in question, we go to the church that all ruined former Alliance towns are required to have, and    run into an elite lich named Naberius. So yeah, that was just kinda like skipping a good three or so quests in the chain. Uh, for the sake of plot continuity, forget I just told you that.

Maybe I should totally finish all the current content so I could be ready to jump right in to the new zones when they get implemented!

I decided, in the end, that I had a responsibility to you as a journalist, dear readers-brand spankin' new content! So, finishing things up it was!

Ol' Hemet Nesingwary's thirst for blood was even stronger in the Outlands than down in Stranglethorn, but the quests did follow the same pattern: kill a bunch (in this case, 30-Hemet's more demanding this time around!) of a certain kind of animal (Clefthooves, Windrocs, and the antelope-like Talbuks). Then, kill 30 more of a stronger type. Then, kill an elite leader of that species. Finally, kill the big super ultra King Kamehameha-mambojambo-ElPresidente-Kahuna beast in the land. Nothing we ain't seen before.

Custodian Dieworth-the sane  spirit that's been giving us all these quests-tells us that the Archmage had several apprentices. One of these was Ravandwyr, and we already know him. The other was named Naberius, and he sought to practice necromancy. When Kael'thas approached, Naberius sold Vargoth and his comrades out and gave the secrets of Kirin'Var to the Blood Elf army. Now, he's a lich... and Dieworth asks us to find his phylactery so that he can be destroyed.


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