17 avril 2013

a paradise of the undead

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Lordaeron continent located in the northern khaz modan, not confined towow gold     any continent. At the time of the orc invasion of azeroth, lordaeron has been in exile as azeroth refugees and coalition forces rally point. In the second invasion of the burning legion war, the lich king's army of undead destroyed the continent, lordaeron but when prince arthas returned to northrend, here is dark ranger hill was led undead forces "forgotten" as his own, became a paradise of the undead.



Lordaeron is located in the northeast of azeroth. Here was once a kingdom of lordaeron proud of their homes, after the third war and the events of the frozen throne here became sad death.

Before destroyed by natural disasters, the capital of the kingdom  wow po of lordaeron is one of the largest human cities on the mainland. When arthas retrieved from northrend Frostmourne [Frostmourne], king terenas, welcome him back. But arthas brutally murdered his own father, usurped the throne. He, in turn, the city to the undead scourge, it is to have weakened Allies.


Destroyed the capital with the ruins of dalaran, silently telling the legion and scourge of tyranny.

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