24 avril 2013

with skills of touching will get an absorption

Fighting to avoid late hulk injury, easy injury cases was a roll is easy to collapse directly

How to brush? Crowd concentration I lost outside halo! In fact the BOSS wow gold     also do not have what know-how, brush is fierce, hide a good trap, roll

Ten people 2 t3 treatment 5 DPS, have 2 treatment, temporarily haven'tAnd common difference, and each tread is 100% maximum damage, site was surrounded by crystal, with skills of touching will get an absorption shield, similar in discipline M soul to protect shell, the transformation of treatment for you all to absorb shield, up to 75% Max HP

This is one more lunch of BOSS, slightly difficult to 1

Holy discipline talent can be, I use the sacred, because... To absorb shield I   wow po really don't want to use in discipline, talent, and finally a layer of a certain point halo! Halo!!!!

Before first open the GRID Settings, halo, add harmful: crystallization carapace: critical value! (note don't less the exclamation mark), brush protective shell in this icon can don't brush, you said you don't have the GRID is swollen yao, I also don't know is swollen yao do

How much a battle you can brush depends entirely on how much your blue, don't hesitate, spirit mixture spiritual food to eat up the heart will open

Opening of shenhuo type crystal get shield, then start without brain brush.. .. Brush... Then trample, broken shield, meal filled with blood, and take the shield, brush...

After each tread must carry full health and shields the rock fall, or low HP a shield... And then can only low HP walking a tightrope, because of his treatment is a shield to all

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