28 avril 2013

a round of 620 points earnings

    A: we hope that the tanks prop professional flag some role, rather than forcing them to carry flagWas lazy don't want to write a pet project, but touch of [will] this skill is really let me fondle admiringly, still trying to how to use the imba programme over two legs. At the same time, [heart can siphon] is a great skill, a round of 620 points earnings, will the son of the baby still has development potential. ErTongZhou activity time: April 29 - May 6     In the first week of may, we will have the... [Lire la suite]
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26 avril 2013

restore health and mana

Celine, fire heart will also use of "drain life" and should break as soon as possible.Hazel van: engineers, the use of engineering items, all skills are all AOE, attack multiple players in your squad. - high explosive sheep: when the explosion deals fire damage to all around wow gold  player. - the goblin dragon gun: the hazel van in front of the conical area deals fire damage, all of the player for about 10 seconds. - the magic iron bomb: flame AOE damage, and held for 3 seconds. - rocket launcher: physical AOE damage and... [Lire la suite]
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24 avril 2013

with skills of touching will get an absorption

Fighting to avoid late hulk injury, easy injury cases was a roll is easy to collapse directly How to brush? Crowd concentration I lost outside halo! In fact the BOSS wow gold     also do not have what know-how, brush is fierce, hide a good trap, roll Ten people 2 t3 treatment 5 DPS, have 2 treatment, temporarily haven'tAnd common difference, and each tread is 100% maximum damage, site was surrounded by crystal, with skills of touching will get an absorption shield, similar in discipline M soul to protect shell,... [Lire la suite]
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22 avril 2013

most has the enthusiasm

World of warcraft player is one of the world's most has the enthusiasm of the players, which, of course, also including many low-key and lighter excellent female players. This time, we want to belong to "tribes" and "the union" girls can show your elegant demeanour, camp for you! To this end, we will launch in the near future "flower selection camp"wow gold  , please pay close attention to. To battle! Horde vs. alliance field test     "The horde vs. alliance", who is stronger? The two face to face and fight most... [Lire la suite]
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19 avril 2013

those who live back soldiers

Another version Embodiment of deathwing's resistance to Leo In ancient times, there are five guardian dragons in the world: the bronze dragon king of the < time > notts daum, red dragon of tie shi > < life tower, alex green dragon "awakened one > iser, blue dragon king > < magic if Marilyn, < the guardian > surrey, the resistance of dragon. Guardian dragons from creating the Titan to get the power of the world, and has faithfully defend the world. (varian and jaina come out) Varian, turned back, and jose... [Lire la suite]
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17 avril 2013

a paradise of the undead

Edit this period of waiting for the physical version of lordaeron logo on them   Lordaeron continent located in the northern khaz modan, not confined towow gold     any continent. At the time of the orc invasion of azeroth, lordaeron has been in exile as azeroth refugees and coalition forces rally point. In the second invasion of the burning legion war, the lich king's army of undead destroyed the continent, lordaeron but when prince arthas returned to northrend, here is dark ranger hill was led undead... [Lire la suite]
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