01 juin 2011

continue to brush him on a number wow

Later he told me a few days before his number stolen, and money in the trumpet, the other money on the number of his friend me. I agreed. Ten minutes later, he said something not on his friend, said charge card web has not, so I wow gold sent him another card first, when he went with the charge and said he and other money together next to me! I say wait and see his friends. 2 points 30 minutes faster, he said, the number of his friends did not point, and said three cards he would, and have sufficient points to help his friend, or his friend did not point.

 I have 2:40 to go to class, I rush to give him a card, when I asked him to U of money to me. I left the bar to go to school! ? 5 pm after school, I saw on the numbers, that bastard has only sent a 1G to me! Mad at me, I will immediately do the macro brush him! Brush it off the assembly line to the 7:00 class to go!

 28, noon recess, and I continue to brush him on a number, just brush a few people that the Society M me, said yesterday there were soldiers they would have been deceived him, and said that "left-middle of the night to steal," said Yesterday he number stolen. But that does not believe that people are hacking, and said they had to kick Association, he said that "steal the left-middle of the night,"

I also agree with the card, and let me add    wow gold kaufen a name "table seeking the "dwarf hunter, because people know that the Master's account and password! After a "table seeking the" M me, so I went to the iron bridge, and he still has that "left-middle of the night to steal," about pay back the money, and I saw that the Master who can sell the equipment, what are the day moxibustion not the (seemingly true stolen)! The hunter is the T6.5 equipment! It has been shielding my Master, I can not speak to him! Only and that "list requirements of the" talk.


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