22 mars 2010

for blood was wow gold

While we're searching for the device in question, we go to the church that all ruined former Alliance towns are required to have, and    run into an elite lich named Naberius. So yeah, that was just kinda like skipping a good three or so quests in the chain. Uh, for the sake of plot continuity, forget I just told you that.

Maybe I should totally finish all the current content so I could be ready to jump right in to the new zones when they get implemented!

I decided, in the end, that I had a responsibility to you as a journalist, dear readers-brand spankin' new content! So, finishing things up it was!

Ol' Hemet Nesingwary's thirst for blood was even stronger in the Outlands than down in Stranglethorn, but the quests did follow the same pattern: kill a bunch (in this case, 30-Hemet's more demanding this time around!) of a certain kind of animal (Clefthooves, Windrocs, and the antelope-like Talbuks). Then, kill 30 more of a stronger type. Then, kill an elite leader of that species. Finally, kill the big super ultra King Kamehameha-mambojambo-ElPresidente-Kahuna beast in the land. Nothing we ain't seen before.

Custodian Dieworth-the sane  spirit that's been giving us all these quests-tells us that the Archmage had several apprentices. One of these was Ravandwyr, and we already know him. The other was named Naberius, and he sought to practice necromancy. When Kael'thas approached, Naberius sold Vargoth and his comrades out and gave the secrets of Kirin'Var to the Blood Elf army. Now, he's a lich... and Dieworth asks us to find his phylactery so that he can be destroyed.


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